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Our staff are highly qualified and dedicated clinicians with a wealth of experience in a variety of treatment techniques and each of us specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents. We are proud to offer group therapy options for preteens and teens at our office in Schaumburg as well as two programs for students in the Northwest Suburbs who are experiencing school-based emotional or behavioral problems that might benefit from outside intervention.

Stress and Anxiety Workshop for Parents and Children

BZA Therapists Jessica Zaucha and Rebecca Ciesla are hosting a free one-night workshop for parents, children and teens.  Rates of anxiety among kids and teens have steadily risen over the past decade and contribute to problems with schoolwork, peer and family relationships, extracurricular involvement, and overall health and well being.  This workshop will provide discuss the symptoms of anxiety in young people, tips for supporting someone who is struggling, and strategies for success in a stressful academic environment.  Our featured speaker is a teen who has struggled with anxiety and depression. She will discuss the impact therapy has had on her well-being. Treatment options for anxiety will also be provided.  This seminar will be hosted at our Lake In The Hills office at a 6:30 PM on Wednesday, September 26th. Call our office at 847.221.5622 to make sure you don't miss out on this timely and helpful seminar! In the meantime, check out Jessica's recent article about school and stress in our August newsletter!

Social Theater Group

BZA therapist Amanda Winter will be conducting a group for 11-15 year olds who have social anxiety and/or poor social skills beginning September 20, 2018. The group will revolve around using improv, writing, and acting as a way to alleviate anxiety and learn about social skills in different settings. The group can consist of both males and females and will take place over the course of 12 weekly sessions. This group meets weekly from 7:30-8:30pm at our Schaumburg office. Contact BZA via phone or email to confirm particpation. You do NOT need to be a BZA client to participate.

Family Support for Aging Adults Group

Life is about balance. It is difficult to remember that when you are the anchor for your aging parents and your growing children. If you are caring for your kids and parents and hold the responsibilities for their functioning and wellbeing, then chances are there is little time to care for yourself. We can help to support your needs and teach you ways to integrate taking care of your awesome responsibilities and taking care of your awesome self.

BZA therapist Jennifer Menegon has worked with all different cognitive levels of the aging population. She has also worked with their family members with understanding and compassion for many years. Jenny has seen the changes in healthcare and mental health and how challenging it is to manage the lives of aging parents all the while trying to make the best decisions for one's self, children, and family.

This role is one you cannot prepare for. It is a great challenge and can be downright exhausting at times. Come to our 7-week group beginning on Tuesday, October 2 to learn with others that are facing these issues. We will help process your experience, offer some psycho education and come up with ways to find self care and mindfulness in the midst of our busy lives. This group will meet weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:00pm through November 13, 2018 at our Schaumburg office. Contact BZA via phone or email to confirm participation.

CBT-Insomnia Group Therapy

This new and exciting group, hosted by BZA therapist Gerry Wetzel, aims to resolve insomnia holistically, using a combination of behavioral interventions like sleep restriction and stimulus control and education about good sleep habits. Clients 18 and over are invited to attend this group, which will meet every other week on Saturdays. Contact BZA via phone or email to be put on the list.

Group/Individual Clinical Supervision & Consultation

BZA is proud to offer clinical supervision and consultation (individual and group formats) starting this Spring 2018 for counselors, therapists and school clinicians who could benefit from a collaborative discussion of challenging cases and best practices from our team of highly trained and experienced professionals. The open-attendance group format will include 3-4 fellow mental health professionals from varying backgrounds from whom you can gain insights, both clinical and business. For those working towards licensure, (LCSW/LCPC) you can also gain hours to sit for your clinical examination. Hone your skills and grow as a practitioner by learning new techniques and coping skills used by BZA's therapists. BZA believes in life-long learning and our therapists' broad range of interests and expertise will help increase your effectiveness as a practitioner and give you the confidence to grow in your practice. Call our office at 847-221-5622 (Ext.0) to be added to our list at our either our Schaumburg or Lake In The Hills locations. 


Career Inventory Assessment

Do you sometimes feel like you are just going from job to job? Do you at times feel lost, not knowing what to do with your life? Have you felt “stuck” in your current position, not feeling fulfilled or satisfied with your career path? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, BZA Behavioral Health now offers Career Inventory Assessments to help you or your loved one find your direction. The Career Inventory Assessment is a valuable tool that examines interests, skills, personality traits and values to discover what careers you are best suited for. Studies have shown that career fulfillment is linked to overall well-being and that finding a career that has meaning has a positive effect on one’s mental health. Career “meaning” can translate to economic freedom, recognition for one’s work, and the opportunity to use one’s talents on a regular basis. “With an ever-increasing number of different career choices that are offered, about 1/3 of the total workforce will now change jobs every 12 months. By the age of 42, you will probably already have had about 10 jobs.” (US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2017) Learn your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and skills and find the path to a career that best suits your personality and needs to give you the fulfillment you deserve.

Career Inventory Assessment Service Includes:

·         Intake (45 minutes with Dr. Niki Wood or your regular BZA therapist)

·         Assessment (about 60 minutes at our office in Schaumburg)

·         Feedback (45 minutes with Dr. Wood or your regular BZA therapist)

This service is appropriate for clients 15 years old and up. You do not need to be a BZA client to do a Career Inventory Assessment.

Parenting Tools Workshop

Do you have pre-teens or teenagers that act disrespectful towards authority? How about kids struggling with school and motivation despite their potential? Over use of technology? You name it and there's one successful parenting program that can nip many of these and other parenting problems in the bud!
This one night workshop introduction will introduce you to the parenting tools and tricks developed by Psychologist, Dr. Matthew Johnson in his program and book entitled "Positive Parenting with a Plan". Please call or email to sign up for this introduction to creating a better and more positive plan!

You do not need to be a current BZA client to attend. Please call 847.221.5622 ext. 808 with any questions or to RSVP. A $20 fee per family, payable at the time of the reservation, includes a copy of “Positive Parenting with a Plan" book.


In School Support Program


The in School Support Program or ISSP essentially brings the counseling office to the client for students who are struggling with school-based emotional or behavioral concerns.  School-related mood, anxiety and behavioral concerns can have significant impacts on a students academic and social functioning and often results in frequent absences and/or inability to take part in extracurricular activities.  Even schools rich with social/ emotional resources for students often cannot effectively meet the needs of these students and their families without placing a major strain on staff.  Yet, many students and families have limited time to consistently engage in the counseling process outside of school due to work, homework, activities, and other commitments.  For these students, ISSP might be the solution.


The clinicians at BZA Behavioral Health are committed to building relationships with local schools in order to provide the benefit of counseling and coordination on site to students in need.  This community-based approach allows the counselor to better assess the student’s emotional state and meet his or her behavioral health needs while in the school setting that is contributing to a state of distress.   A team-based approach including face to face coordination with school support staff allows for more effective coordination and intervention planning.  Finally, by eliminating the barriers inherent in attending counseling during after-school hours, a more consistent treatment approach can often be provided. 


This program is specifically designed for students who are exhibiting emotional and behavioral concerns in school.  While we are sensitive to the academic needs of our clients, we cannot guarantee that the scheduling of sessions will not conflict with academic classes because our staff resources are limited.  This drawback should be carefully considered when evaluating the benefit of ISSP.  Parents are extremely important to any counseling process with adolescents and must consent to treatment, attend the first assessment appointment, and maintain involvement in on-going coordination and family sessions. School staff must be informed and supportive of counseling taking place on school grounds and accommodations for meeting space need to be offered by the school.  In most cases, at least three students must be enrolled in ISSP to initiate the program in a particular school.




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