About Kahea Sammons, MA-LCPC


Kahea Sammons, MA-LCPC

There is always a back story to how a person feels or views the world and you’ll never know, unless you sit down and listen. Starting out in the Mental Health field in 2012 as a youth care worker in a residential facility gave Kahea insight to understand the many pieces of the puzzle to a person’s life. Kahea has previously worked with a variety of populations ranging from adolescents and teens to adults from all walks of life, all of which has helped her understand mental health is not one size fits all. 

Kahea believes that, as a human being, there will eventually be something in life that creates discord, confusion or another emotion that is new and uncomfortable. Kahea focuses on clients as individuals, for what creates stress and anxiety for one person, may not be an issue for the next. Kahea mentions that the key is learning to accept yourself without comparison on good days and bad. 

Kahea’s theoretical orientation is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and an eclectic style pulling from a psychodynamic framework as well. Kahea specializes in working with those who are struggling with: trauma/depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety and personality disorders. Other areas of knowledge include: Autism Spectrum Disorder, adoption, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, OCD, creative persons and substance abuse. 

Kahea is passionate about working with those who have personality disorders because she wants to assist her clients in piecing together their story. Kahea shared, "sometimes clients come in and they talk about their childhood and it’s easy for me to point out life events that have created a pattern." Being able to assist clients with coping skills on a daily basis so they can live life without emotions winning over is Kahea’s goal as a therapist, not giving out a diagnosis. 

Kahea also has a personal interest in working with creative individuals: those who are the performer, or seen as outside the box. Kahea’s interest stems from previously being a performer as a SAG actress, model, songwriter and singer. Kahea shares that she understands how the creative process works and performers have different expectations than most. Kahea’s goal is to assist clients in accepting themselves even when they’re not on stage, wherever that may be in life. 

Everyone has a story, what’s yours?

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