About Karen Becker, LCPC


Karen Becker, MA-LCPC

Karen brings over 34 years of mental healthcare experience to BZA. She began her career in psychology with a BA in Music Therapy from DePaul and a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Concordia University. Since that time, she has treated patients in both the inpatient and outpatient settings and has specialized in the treatment of adolescents, adults and families. Karen uses a multi-disciplinary approach to therapy, utilizing CBT and DBT skill-building as well as psychoeducation as part of her treatment plan. Karen is also passionate about helping families through therapy. She has been certified in Family Therapy and Parenting Skills Education through the Savannah Family Institute since 2004. Karen uses objective, non-judgmental listening in her family and group sessions to encourage communication and healthy relationship-building. She provides her individual therapy clients with a similarly authentic, direct approach to treatment and takes time to understand each individual’s motivations and patterns of behavior before developing a solution-focused plan. Some clinical areas of focus for Karen include mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, autism spectrum disorders, and relationship issues. Importantly, Karen incorporates a touch of humor to her sessions and ensures that her clients feel safe, validated, and supported.

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