Book Review: how to be you, by Jeffrey Marsh (2016)

Book Review: how to be you, by Jeffrey Marsh (2016)

Book Review!! 


how to be you 

Stop trying to be someone else and start living your life 

By Jeffrey Marsh (2016) 



You may have seen Jeffrey Marsh on social media- if you don’t already follow them, check them out!  Marsh is a well-known commentator on nonbinary identity and activism…and they do so with a huge encouragement for positivity and inclusion.  They have commented for The New York Times, Buzzfeed News, Reuters, Huffington Post, etc., and have given speeches and talks across the country.  Marsh was also the first openly nonbinary public figure to be interviewed on national television AND the first nonbinary author to be offered a book deal with a “Big 5” publisher.  Needless to say, Marsh is pretty fantastic! 


I recently finished their bestselling book, “how to be you” and couldn’t put it down.  Part workbook, part self-exploration, part personal growing up stories, this book made me think about how to be a better ME.  As Marsh says, “your differences are what make you important and unique.”   


This is a great book for anyone to read, but I would strongly recommend it for anyone who is struggling with their identity.  It would also be great for older adolescents and young adults!  This book gives you some real-world tools and exercises to help you become YOU. 


Highly recommend! 

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