Skills Groups

BZA's Skills groups address the challenging social scenarios participants face in the modern world. Using age-appropriate and evidence-based techniques, these groups help participants overcome shyness, find and maintain friendships, and communicate effectively. Participants of all ages learn how to appropriately handle conflict and rejection among peers. Teens and adults also receive support and guidance developing romantic relationships as well as a focus on fostering independence. The group format is ideal for social skill development as participants are encouraged to practice their skills in a no-risk, judgement-free environment. Past participants have reported more confidence and less social anxiety in as few as 4 weeks!

Skills for Teens (14-17)

Week 1 Introduction of Social Skills Group
Week 2 Trading Information and Starting Conversations
Week 3 Trading Information and Maintaining Conversations
Week 4 Finding a Source of Friends
Week 5 Review of the last 3 weeks
Week 6 Electronic Communication
Week 7 Appropriate Use of Humor
Week 8 Entering Group Conversations
Week 9 Review of the last 3 weeks
Week 10 Exiting Conversations
Get- Togethers
Week 11 Overview of the 1st semester
Week 12 Overview of the 1st semester and looking towards semester 2
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