Book Review: Population: One, Tyler McNamer, 2013

Book Review: Population: One, Tyler McNamer, 2013

Population:  One

Book Review

Book Review!!

Population: One

Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed

By Tyler McNamer (2013)

I just finished a great book written in by 18yo Tyler McNamer.  His descriptions on how he sees his life, high school, his parents’ divorce, and the future are poignant and makes you feel like you are walking in his footsteps.  He says it best:

“Also, I have purposely requested that my editor keep my book in “my voice,” and he assured me that he would do so and that this book will be grammatically correct, but he would also leave my writing the way that it is.  It is “cool” and “different” and “unique” and perhaps you have never read a book such as this, but I promise you that some of what you read may inspire you to take action in your life, and other chapters that you read may just better help you understand my unique abilities.  Regardless of which chapters you enjoy most, you will see firsthand how I (and tens of thousands of others) with the unique gift of autism think differently.”

This is not a book that will detail all of the characteristics of individuals on the spectrum.  Rather, this is a first-hand account of Tyler’s life and how he views the world.  It is a quick, but really important read.  Highly recommend!

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